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3 Common Team Communication Challenges and 4 Simple Ways To Deal With Them

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Sometimes something feels off but it becomes difficult to pinpoint at them until they become a major issue. Also, with diverse people, you have diverse challenges and they can only be fixed if you get to the crux of the problem.

Misunderstanding can cost dearly to your organization. Anytime two or more people come together to work on a project or a team or in a company there is a chance of miscommunication. It could happen within team mates, between a freelancer and an employee or with the client or with the top management. To quickly resolve and cure these communication issues, quick diagnosis is important and so is the result that leaves all in the process satisfied.

Here are 3 common communication issues and 4 simple ways for you to work efficiently on them.

#1 Too little communication

Were you initial discussions rushed? Do you rarely get status updates on the current project? Do you often worry how far the project has reached and if the employees are going in the right direction?

#2 Too much communication

Are you stressed out by too many pings on a single project? You find yourself in endless meetings and discussions without much execution? Are you constantly helping out with issues that aren’t even related to your department?

#3 Lack of mutual understanding

You have the right amount of communication flowing but then also are not able to either put or come across the important points? Sometimes you are not satisfied with the end result and sometimes your partner and it’s been happening pretty frequently? All of you on the team end up doing the same work hampering the growth of the product because of some miscommunication?

These are the main communication issues that are a part of every organization. Although the issues vary, the solutions for all are the same. So here goes…




  1. Act Now

Do not wait for the communication issues to get resolved with time or on their own as they will only increase. Confront the issue now and deal with it. It could mean losing resources causing stress and inconvenience but that will only be for a short time. In the long run, your immediate action is what would make all the difference.

  1. Clear Communication

The best way to stay away from confusion and disappointment is to keep the communication loud and clear. Know what you want and when you want it to be done and be specific about it with the person responsible for getting the work done.

  1. Set a Time Limit

For a team to work and communicate effectively you need to determine how much communication needs to flow between the team members. It could mean setting up a weekly discussion or status update or reporting on certain milestones. Be specific about when to communicate and about what.

  1. Try a Different Approach

Some people have excellent communication skills but are not well-versed with communicating through an email. While some employees might be clear in their communication over the telephone but not so clear when talking one-to-one.

Offer an interactive platform to your team where they can simply communicate with whatever medium they are comfortable in. It could be through writing, messaging, emojis, sketching or sharing.

Remember teamwork is a combined effort and for your team to have clear communication it should be worked on by one and all.

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