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3 Project Management Software Features Your Team Should Be Using

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Scheduling tools, built-in templates, real-time messaging apps, it’s no secret that project management software increases team productivity making it possible to execute tasks efficiently. But is your organization overlooking some of the most important tools?

The most-coveted tools include file sharing, time tracking, email integration and it is confirmed by a study. But what most organizations and this study also ranked low are amongst the most important project management software as they are related to communication that plays a key role in any organization.

Here’s a closer look at three untapped resources to increase team productivity.

1. Real-Time Chat

A top cause of project failure is poor communication. Project management software with integrated communication tools that enables a team to communicate and collaborate using voice, video or chat within the project are critical to a team’s communication success. Communicating real-time with team members whether they are in the office or across the globe is critical to your project’s success.

2. Social Media integration

Social media has moved beyond Facebook and Twitter updates to boosting the level of communication among teams. Small talks on social media facilitate building rapport and creating a more collaborative and supportive environment. Software with enterprise social capabilities can be the perfect tool to communicate on projects with teammates in real-time.

3. Mobile Access

Time tracking is listed as one of the main components for successful project management so using software that is available on all mobile platforms is crucial. Find a solution that allows a team to submit updates and share information on the go.

With modern teams working remotely managing team communication is all the more important. Having access to tools that let communication flow effectively adds to the success of any project.

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