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Collabe Wins ‘Rising Star’ and ‘Great User Experience’ Awards in FinancesOnline Review

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We at Collabe feel extremely proud to have been the recipient of the Great User Experience Award and the Rising Star Award for the year 2017.


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Our product will be on the rise only when we can provide our users a great experience, and recognizing this fact FinancesOnline.com awarded us with these two prestigious awards. With a 92% us

er satisfaction and an overall score of 8.0 in their review, Collabe is now a part of their esteemed top 50 Collaboration Tools Software category.

The FinancesOnline ‘Rising Star Award’ is usually awarded to a new product that despite being in its formative years maintains to garner enough attention from the users whereas the ‘Great User Experience’ award is for easy UI and design that helps facilitate the work process.

Receiving such acclaimed recognitions from one of the most popular business review directories makes it not only is a proud moment for Collabe but also a step further in our journey as this is just the beginning and we will surely not settle with just a few.

We promise to continue providing efficient solutions for organizations to collaborate effectively and streamline their communication process. Lastly, we at Collabe would like to take this opportunity to thank all our supporters who believe Collabe has the power to transform the way teams communicate.

Powering the workplace of tomorrow, today!

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