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Too Much To Do And Too Little Time

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As a working professional, it might be that you have learned to plan, prioritize and streamline your work but it’s not necessary that your teammates have learned the art too. How can you help them do the same? How do you keep other members of your team from taking on too much and burning out?

The real challenge in today’s collaborative workplaces is not just to manage your personal workload but collective load as somewhere or the other your work is directly or indirectly connected with other team member’s work. According to productivity experts helping a team manage its time well is critical to the success of the entire organization.

Here are a few simple ways that will ensure your team works productively.


Collaborate – Collaborative processes and networking tools increase productivity by 20-30%.

Two heads are better than one. Collaborate with each other to bring out the best outcomes on any idea.

Accountability – More than 75% employees are motivated by a sense of responsibility.

Create a system of accountability in public as it will trigger will power of employees to work harder and get better results.

Training programs – 68% of employees believe training and development is one of the most important workplace policy.

Training can help members polish their skills so that they are better equipped to handle their tasks.

Work Environment – 57% employees are motivated by a good mood.

Creating a good working environment and company culture leads to a happy team.

Avoid Micromanaging – 71% employees feel micromanaging hinders their performance.

As a manager, you might want to hold on to your team too tight but let them take their own call showing enough trust in them.

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