The 3C’s Of Productivity

Collabe makes it possible for you to empower your globally distributed workforce by offering a seamless user experience so you stay connected with your team by communicating and collaborating across devices anywhere in the world.


Imagine your people continually connected whether they are in the same vicinity or across the globe.

Collabe is designed for the way people coordinate anywhere, anytime and on any device.


Give more power to your people by protecting all their business conversation as it all takes place at a unified platform.

Collabe is designed for the way people work enriching their collaboration.


Increase the efficiency of communication of your people and drive work productivity.

Collabe is designed to take work communication to the next level.

Core Features

Enjoy a simpler and more productive work communication.


Get things done, together

Get reminded, anywhere

Get organized, flexibly

Get productive, instantly

Get in sync, all devices

Get smarter, work smarter

Cloud communication

Accelerate results
Enhances collaboration across time-zones
Enables more-efficient processes
Spurs innovation

Create Private Teams

Create a clean and efficient private room to run your team without any friction. Make a team for your sensitive information for a project, or a department or anything else and get a transparent view.


Create Public And Private Groups

Create a public or private group where you can collect and delegate information. Find the perfect harmony and balance whether it is a shared task list for a public group or a classified list for the private group.


Create Notes in Real-Time

A simple and awesome notepad where you can take down meeting notes, status notes, project notes, personal notes…quick, simple and instantly available.


Facilitate Real-Time Share

Store, synchronize and share stuff instantly. A single click and your images, videos, files and links are not only shared but also synchronized and stored in a separate folder that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.


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The Better Way To Collaborate

Communicate, share files, assign tasks, get work done, increase your productivity